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Voluntary Compliance




About the Programme

The ISCA Voluntary Compliance Programme (VCP) is a voluntary programme for firms to demonstrate that they have put in place a system of quality management in line with the quality management standards (Singapore Standards on Quality Management). This programme aims to enhance and promote audit quality, and to encourage and support audit firms’ compliance with the quality management standards.

   Benefits of VCP

  • Competitive advantage for firms which pass the review and are accorded the certification

  • Support firms in building trust with their clients and stakeholders

  • The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) will take into consideration the audit firms’ certification statuses when risk-profiling the firms for purposes of regulatory inspection.

   Who can apply?

  • Firms which are required to comply with the Singapore Standards on Quality Management (SSQMs).

  • Firms which have put in place a robust system of quality management in line with SSQMs.

  • Firms should assess it's readiness using ISCA SSQM self-assessment before applying.


More details will be unveiled in Q3 2023.

Watch this space!