QA073 : Quality Management 1.5-Day Workshop

  • Date and Time23 May 2022 (9:00 AM - 05:00 PM) & 24 May 2022 (9:00 AM - 12:30 PM)
  • Fee (inclusive of GST)

    For Members: $ 802.50
    For Non-Members: $ 963.00

  • Venue60 Cecil Street
    ISCA House
    Singapore 049709

Programme Overview

ISCA has issued three interrelated standards that address quality management in October 2021. These three new interrelated standards, which replace Singapore Standard on Quality Control (SSQC) 1 and Singapore Standard on Auditing (SSA) 220, are effective 15 December 2022. Audit firms are required to adopt a risk-based approach to implement quality management systems that are responsive to changes in the nature and circumstances of the firms and their engagements.

In today’s evolving and increasingly complex audit environment, having a system of quality management is not just a matter of complying with the standards, but also to establish a strong foundation for consistent engagement quality.

This 1.5-day workshop will provide you with insightful knowledge and help to address your concerns on your Singapore Standards on Quality Management (SSQM) implementation process.

Programme Outline

  • Understand the key requirements of SSQMs, common practical challenges faced by Small and Medium-sized Practices (SMPs) and recommended approaches to address them
  • Receive a FREE SSQM Toolkit (comprising of possible quality risks, suggested policies & procedures, implementation help tips, practical examples and forms for each component) which will be used as one of the materials during the workshop
  • Learn how to adapt from our SSQM Toolkit and tailor to your firm’s circumstances
  • Discussion-based workshop including advice from facilitator on the development of your customised quality management manual

DGT040 : Applied Robotics Process Automation (RPA) for Auditors

  • Date and Time1 & 2 June 2022 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
  • Fee (inclusive of GST)

    Before funding: $1,027.20 | After funding: $385.20

    This programme is supported by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and the course fee is subsidised by ESG. Participants who are currently working for Small and Medium-sized Practices “SMPs” are entitled to ESG funding limited to only 2 participants per company. The course fee net of funding amount will be $360 per participant (before prevailing GST). Participants who are unable to fulfil the funding requirements* are required to pay the full fee of $960 (before prevailing GST).

  • Venue60 Cecil Street
    ISCA House
    Singapore 049709
This course aims to equip participants with the skills to easily create useful RPA scripts to automate the audit processes, without coding or programming knowledge. Routine and repetitive processes such as preparation of Account Receivable confirmations, Account Payable confirmations, bank confirmations, preparation of AGM documents, roll-forward procedures, sending of email reminders, tracking of key deadlines, timesheet management, report generation and audit client billing can be automated easily using RPA. Participants will learn how to achieve this through using a RPA software.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to immediately use the RPA solutions and adopt the use of RPA in their workplace.

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand what is RPA and how it can automate processes
  • Develop RPA scripts using case examples
  • Identify audit processes suitable for RPA implementation
  • Develop RPA scripts using learner’s selected process (es)
  • Deploy developed RPA solutions immediately at the workplace.

TechT016: Cybersecurity and Professional Indemnity Protection

  • Date and Time16 Jun 2022 (3:30 PM - 5:00 PM)
  • Fee (inclusive of GST) For Members: Complimentary
    For Non-Members: $ 15.00
  • Venue

    Live Webinar


As Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance is one of the legal requirements for setting up an Accounting LLP, many are familiar with the heavy annual paperwork required to secure it. Understanding the hassle, Windward worked with Markel International to jointly design a new Accountant PI product that seeks to eliminate such paperwork.

Together with Surer, the cumbersome pain points of this process were resolved and simplified using an online platform that only requires up to 5 verification points and business details to churn out a seamless online quote for easy review and acceptance.

HOLD ON … an online quote and my business details exposed?

With the currently fragile and volatile cyber landscape and terrifying online crimes on the rise, learn how your business can be sufficiently protected against Cybercrime at this webinar. In addition, the webinar will also address the ongoing challenges of cybersecurity, as well as discuss its solutions.

Besides Windward, here is the line-up of speakers and panelists:

  • Crowe Singapore – The cybersecurity landscape in Singapore and possible cyberattack scenarios, along with appropriate and professional responses.
  • Sharpe and Jagger LLC – A Lawyer’s perspective: Overview of Professional Liability: Accountants and Auditors
  • Markel International – Importance of PI Insurance and Introduction of Markel Accountants PI Product

SMP003: Sanctions Risks and Cybersecurity: Latest Anti Money Laundering Trends to Watch for in 2022

  • Date and Time22 Jun 2022 (3:00 PM - 4:00 PM)
  • Fee (inclusive of GST) For Members: Complimentary
    For Non-Members: $ 15.00
  • Venue

    Live Webinar


Part 1: Sanction risks – what you need to know as a professional firm

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has triggered unprecedented sanction actions against Russia by many like-minded countries. This session looks at sanction risks and what professional firms need to be aware of when dealing with Russian clients.

Part 2: Cybersecurity in the New Normal

Telecommuting has become a norm rather than an exception. Work (including Customer Due Diligence) is now carried out remotely by employees from outside the secured office environment and sensitive information (like your customers’ data) is likely to be stored in the cloud.

This session looks at:
  • Telecommuting Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Proactive Guides to Protect your firm’s information assets
  • GEMS07 : Embarking on Job Redesign with the ISCA Accountancy Job Redesign Toolkit

    • Date and Time27 June 2022 (2:00 PM - 3:00 PM)
    • Fee (inclusive of GST) For Members: Complimentary
      For Non-Members: $ 15.00
    • Venue

      Live Webinar


    The Accountancy Job Redesign Initiative was launched by Workforce Singapore, Singapore Accountancy Commission and the Singapore National Employers Federation to enhance the roles of Finance & Accounting (F&A) professionals, with a view to harness technology to improve the productivity of F&A functions.

    The pilot programme that started in April 2020 delivered positive outcomes for the nine participating accounting entities in the form of increased productivity and enhanced job value. Following this, an Accountancy JR Toolkit was launched in January 2022. This is a step-by-step self-help guide that captures knowledge and learnings from the pilot to support other companies in carrying out job redesign. As one of the key initiatives arising from the Job Transformation Maps for inhouse F&A functions and accounting practices, the toolkit was developed to address the impact of technology on key at-risk job roles, enabling employers to redesign these jobs to support workers in staying relevant and taking on higher value adding work.

    Topics covered will include the below:
    • The future of work and accountancy in Singapore
    • Pilot job redesign work with accounting entities
    • Accountancy job redesign toolkit walkthrough

    Join us in this webinar where you will learn more about the toolkit and how you can leverage it to transform accounting, tax, and audit roles through job redesign, and empower your teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

    TechT017: Top Tips for Maximising Efficiencies in Payroll

    • Date and Time29 Jun 2022 (10:00 AM - 11:00 AM)
    • Fee (inclusive of GST) For Members: Complimentary
      For Non-Members: $ 15.00
    • Venue

      Live Webinar


    We understand that payroll can be complex and can often be considered a drain on resources and profit, but at KeyPay, over 750 partners globally have been helped to increase their client base and turn payroll into a profit centre.

    Join our exclusive webinar with KeyPay’s Marc Princi to learn how you can improve client retention with payroll. Marc will be sharing the top tips for maximising efficiencies in payroll and how KeyPay can help in these areas.

    Tip 1: Automate manual tasks
    Tip 2: Make employee management quick & easy
    Tip 3: Leverage technology
    Tip 4: Focus on important tasks
    Tip 5: Eliminate inefficient communication

    A252v : FRS 7: Statement of Cash Flows (Live Webinar)

    • Date and Time5 Aug 2022 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
    • Fee (inclusive of GST)

      For Members: $ 345.61 $ 276.49

      For Non-Members: $ 415.16 $ 332.13

      Discount till 31 Dec 2022

    • VenueOnline

    Programme Objective

    To teach participants the correct way to prepare cash flow statements to comply with the requirements of FRS 7 – Statement of Cash Flows.

    Programme Outline

    • Benefits of preparing cash flow statements
    • Revelation of the short-cut techniques to prepare cash flow statements
      • Format of cash flow statements using direct and indirect methods
      • Cash flows from operating, investing and financing activities
      • Meaning of Cash and cash equivalents
      • Interest paid
      • Accounting for acquisition and disposal of subsidiaries
      • Non-cash transactions
      • Foreign currency cash flows
      • Disclosure requirements
    • Case Study 1
      • Basic cash flow statements preparation
    • Case Study 2
      • Cash flow statements preparation using both direct and indirect method
    • Case Study 3
      • Consolidated cash flow statements including acquisition of subsidiary during the year
    • Case Study 4
      • Accounting for foreign currency translation reserve movements arising from consolidation of foreign subsidiaries and consolidated cash flow statement


    Please take note of the following admission requirements:
  • Trainings will be conducted on Zoom platform, thus video camera and microphone are compulsory
  • Mandatory for video camera to be turned on throughout the course
  • Display your official name (as per NRIC) in Zoom, to facilitate attendance taking
  • DGT018 : Cybersecurity Risk – What it means to Auditors

    • Date and Time13 Oct 2022 (9:00 AM - 12:30 PM)
    • Fee (inclusive of GST)

      For Members: $ 205.44
      For Non-Members: $ 245.03

    • Venue60 Cecil Street
      ISCA House
      Singapore 049709

    Programme Overview

    Cyber-attacks are on the rise as proprietary or financial data is highly valuable. These ever-growing persistent threats have led various companies to treat cybersecurity as a risk that needs to be actively managed, rather than just a technology issue. With that, Singapore has passed the first dedicated cybersecurity framework which acknowledges the reality that breached infrastructure affects everyone in 2018.

    Cybersecurity risk is an essential consideration in every financial statements audit. On 1st June 2018, ISCA launched a publication titled ‘Cybersecurity Risk Considerations in a Financial Statements Audit” to provide a guide for auditors on assessing cybersecurity risk in a financial statements audit.

    The objective of this programme is for auditors to have a basic understanding of the different cyber security risks and best practices. This is to allow the auditors to have the ability to perform high level assessment of their client’s cyber security maturity to handle any security event. This course will also cover how cybersecurity risk considerations can be incorporated as part of risk assessment during audit planning, as well as the appropriate audit responses to the cybersecurity risk identified.