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Programme Overview

ISCA produces the OJT Blueprints with the aim to enhance Small & Medium-sized Practices (SMPs) in-house training programme. These OJT Blueprints serve as a useful guide to the audit staff especially when the seniors are not with them when they are out on field work. The blueprints will highlight the key considerations and the tasks standards for each audit work procedure, as well as the recommended competencies necessary for the staff to effectively carry out his or her tasks.

In 2021, ISCA will be launching the next 10 sets of OJT Blueprints covering the following topics:

  • Leases for Lessees
  • General Audit Procedures
  • Intangible Assets
  • Investments in Subsidiaries, Associates and Joint Ventures and other Equity Investments
  • Investment Properties
  • Loans and Borrowings
  • Income Taxes
  • Related Parties
  • Contingent Liabilities and Financial Commitments
  • Subsequent Events and Going Concern

Join the upcoming workshops to learn the effective use of OJT Blueprints.

During the workshops, the trainer will address the following concerns commonly faced by audit professionals.

Have I understood the objective of the audit procedures? What are the key considerations to note for each audit procedure? What information should I obtain from my client to perform the audit procedures?

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