Past Events

Tech Talk Series #19: Automating Client Accounting with QuickBooks

Tech Talk Series #17: Tops Tips for Maximising Efficiencies in Payroll

SMP #3: Sanctions Risks and Cybersecurity: Latest Anti Money Laundering Trends to Watch for in 2022

Tech Talk Series #16: Cybersecurity and Professional Indemnity Protection

Tech Talk Series #10: How technology can develop and improve business valuation practices

ISCA Support Fund - Information Sharing Session

Tech Talk Series #7: Revolutionise your Desktop / Cloud Remote Collaboration

Tech Talk Series #6: Avoiding Risky Business-How to Embrace Analytics in the Audit

Tech Talk Series #5: Helping Businesses Thrive In the Digital Era through a Powerful Corporate Compliance Platform

Tech Talk Series #4: Analytics Driven Audit Solutions for Modern Accounting Practices

SMP #1: Legal Clinic - Cyber Risks and Civil Liability

Tech Talk Series #3: Leveraging Robotic Process Automation for Business Transformation

Tech Talk Series #2: All you need to know on how to leverage tech to enhance your AML/CFT processes

Tech Talk Series #1: Leveraging Data Automation for Enhanced Productivity